Print coming off the press

Print coming off the press

Using Letterpress, monoprint & lithography together I have created another TIME print.

It will be shown at the 14th exhibition of fine art prints and artists books in the tithe barn at The Sidney Nolan Trust. The Exhibition runs from 11-20 September, 11.00am-5.00pm daily for h. Art (Herefordshire arts week)

All in a Gardeners Year

All in a Gardeners Year … A Guide to Common Hazards… Is finished (well almost)

Mellie G Bk first proofsWMellieFinishedWC W
I did it … All artwork was completed by the end of July and I have even printed out the first prototype proofs of the book in a mini version. It has now entered the resting, thinking phase of production (or rather the project is waiting for the next deadline). Meanwhile I have returned to Lithography and Letterpress Printing where I am still working on a gardening theme. Any results will have to await the next blog entry.

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Gardening Progress

Gardening … Work(s) in Progress … I can never call myself a gardener but I have friends who are seriously good gardeners with amazing gardens.

MellieGardenBkDrawingsWI regularly visit beautiful gardens like Powys Castle throughout the year but at home I tend to get results closer to a natural/wild effect. (A Darwinian survival of the fittest result which is entirely appropriate for his birthplace of Shrewsbury.)  I have long known that gardening is a creative activity fraught with challenges, disappointments, surprises and hazards. It is the hazards/injuries/accidents befalling a friend that recently caught my creative imagination leading to a new book on my drawing board!  I would like it to be finished by the end of next week. Realistically  that is unlikely to happen but I plan to design it around a 12 month calendar so when the book is finished it will have year round interest.

Cutting Into Books & Politics. (The pen is mightier than the sword)

A new collaborative ‘Altered Books’ project with Angela Martin is currently in the Exhibition … Revisiting the Laws of England on show at The Sidney Nolan Trust alongside paintings by the late Sidney Nolan

The core exhibition subject is … Magna Carta. Our exhibit is called …  ‘No one is above the Law’

Before making the final artwork first there was historical research leading on to a contemporary political investigation. Surprisingly on the 800th anniversary there were worrying similarities. King John managed to repeal Magna Carta and the current conservative government is hoping to get rid of the Human Rights Act. Although the characters involved and surrounding circumstances are 800 years apart much is similar … The notion that you can Get rid of ‘the law’ if you can’t get around it. We managed in our two shared law volumes to squash Kings, A Pope and a few politicians in-between the pages. We sincerely hope that the spirit of Magna Carta and the Human Rights legislation that grew from it really does remain powerful enough to crush current and future upstarts.

Magna Carta Invite (2)

The Exhibition will go on tour later this year … all details from the Sidney Nolan Trust (link above)

Lithography on stone.

Draw, reverse, draw again, process, process a bit more, ink up & finally …. take a print. Once I set eyes on the beautiful, perfectly smooth, creamy limestone and saw examples of the graphic possibilities I was hooked. I used one of my 28days drawings and replicated it in reverse while swallows flew in and out, and the geese honked noisely outside. Getting my head around the process took a bit of time but with excellent tuition from Gini Wade I produced my first prints.


The small stone on the large litho press in the grain barn at The Sidney Nolan Trust


The first prints hanging up to dry


http://www.sidneynolantrust.org  (A very beautiful place to make prints)