Remembering World War 1



Today I finished and then exhibited my altered book  about two major battles of WW1, The Marne & The Somme. I found the book which gave accounts of several historic battles in a second hand bookshop. First I took it apart, removed all but the WW1 references and then printed exploding poppies and barbed wire over all the remaining pages on both sides. I then reconstructed the book with a new cover.

Banner Waters UptonWEBWW1BattlesopenWEB

Today it went on display beneath one of the five poppy hangings I  printed with the same silk screens. The book & hangings are in the display by Marches Book Arts Group  in the beautiful church of St Michael’s in Waters Upton (North of Shrewsbury). The exhibition can be seen this weekend on Sat. 8th Nov between 12noon – 4.00 & then on Remembrance Sunday 9th Nov. between 10.15 – 12.15.

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This is the forth venue for the work since June and because of the date this time has extra special significance.

WW1 watersUpton Book PathWEBThis is part of the altered book path leading to the church door.