Print and Book Projects

A Foxy Alphabet … Letterpress and Silkscreen Print and Book



Advice Prints and Books for Optimists and Weather Watchers…Letterpress and original Watercolours


Maze Book …  with 28 Illustrations reproduced from original Collagraphs


Advice for Artists .. A set of  four concertina books On Art Education, More on Art Education, Setting out in the World and Caring for Elephants. Each book has eight illustrations reproduced from the original drypoints and etchings.

 Advice for Artists (Four books)

Gain Skills, Be Critical and Don’t Give Up … 3 Etchings from the series

Advice for Artists

Ancestral Clothes …  Collagraph and Relief Print Books. (Each one is unique) Small Ancestral Clothes Books

Small Ancestral Clothes (detail)

The first Print and Book sized to fit a newborn baby