Gardening Progress

Gardening … Work(s) in Progress … I can never call myself a gardener but I have friends who are seriously good gardeners with amazing gardens.

MellieGardenBkDrawingsWI regularly visit beautiful gardens like Powys Castle throughout the year but at home I tend to get results closer to a natural/wild effect. (A Darwinian survival of the fittest result which is entirely appropriate for his birthplace of Shrewsbury.)  I have long known that gardening is a creative activity fraught with challenges, disappointments, surprises and hazards. It is the hazards/injuries/accidents befalling a friend that recently caught my creative imagination leading to a new book on my drawing board!  I would like it to be finished by the end of next week. Realistically  that is unlikely to happen but I plan to design it around a 12 month calendar so when the book is finished it will have year round interest.