Welcome to my website …..

I make original prints and small editions of handmade books which often explore the same theme. I work with several printmaking techniques and some of my books are created entirely from original prints. Other  books are either produced digitally from watercolour drawings, or  mixed media (Original print & digital combined). I have a special interest in dance but inspiration also comes from observing people going about daily life.

Please explore my website to see prints and books and some explanations of the processes involved.

The dance ..’Kitri’ …  Illustrated here is a lithograph from a plate and a stone. Below  is a concertina book made up from the original watercolour studies of the dance … (The book is 8 x 10 cm when closed)

Art Education … Graphic Design & Illustration at Camberwell; post-graduate printmaking at Brighton & MA (dist.) in Art and Education at U.C.E. in Birmingham.

I am a member of the Regional Print Centre and Marches Book Arts Group

Other Websiteportraits in watercolour.


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