Back to the drawing board

March 21st (Spring Equinox)
Back to the drawing board …Observation, Objectivity and Discipline of Drawing for 28 days. The month of February

I have always placed importance on drawing that is objective, accurate and expressive combined with lots of practice. However I frequently don’t draw often enough to meet my own expectations so when I began the 28 day drawing challenge I wasn’t sure exactly what I would draw or even if I would be able to keep up with the challenge. I was hoping for a destination without knowing if there was one . I managed 28 drawings, and quite a few extras keeping up and drawing every day. I knew my subject matter woud be children playing and doing but it took about 10 days to know what the destination would be … A “doing” abecedary. I slipped back into my illustrative style of working from years ago and it was suddenly easy. The discipline of doing a drawing a day meant my drawing improved as I became more critical and more familiar with subject & technique.


The boundaries I set for myself acted as restrictions on my natural tendency to wander creatively off course. I restricted the time, technique, size & the all important subject matter. The results should now be in Glasgow for the exhibition opening this evening.
Will I keep it up? ….

14 HuggingWWell I have just bought myself a beautiful handmade blank journal … just for drawing.