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I don’t normally make work with a political comment but this book ‘Cuts’ was created out of my anger with the coalition government, the recent massive changes to the NHS and the current austerity measures. Public Service budgets continue to be pared down while creeping privatisation is encouraged. Grrrrrrrr!
There will (eventually) be an edition of 10 books. The content & format has evolved from a single book I made last year called CropCutPain. The work involved in aligning, folding, painting & gluing is demanding and I forsee frustration & anxiety ahead if I attempt more than 10. Also I will have a new idea demanding my energies by the time I have made half that number.

The finished flag book  is currently  in the post on the way to be part of a 3-way Book Arts project that  has been co-ordinated by Jan Melville of Warringah Studios, Sydney, Australia, Sarah Bodman of the University of the West of England, Bristol, and Lin Charlston for the Sidney Nolan Trust.
Each partner organisation will contribute 15 small artists’ books by 15 artists to this travelling exhibition of 45 works.  Dates and venues for the exhibition so far confirmed are:
UWE Bristol – 2 July-31 August 2012
SNT, The Rodd – 7-16 Sept 2012 (PV 6 Sept) as part of  h.Art exhibition
Cardiff School of Art & Design – Sept / October 2012
Manly Library, Australia – November 2012
Milk Factory Gallery Bowral, Australia – January 2013

The text (hard to see in the photos)  is as follows … Benefit Cuts  affect health. Health Cuts infect everyone. Social Care Cuts affect the most vulnerable. Education Cuts don’t heal. Local Authority Cuts leave scars everywhere. Public Service Cuts  affect women more than men. Sport Cuts affect all ages. Culture Cuts  can lead to depression. Foreign Office Cuts can put you in isolation. Law& Order Cuts can be dangerous. Department of Transport, Economic, Food & Rural Affairs Cuts can lead to multiple organ failure. Energy & Climate Change Cuts will threaten future generations. Defence Cuts are potentially fatal. Bankers Cuts are almost invisible and currently there is no stringent treatment plan. For further information updates refer to

There is also included with each book a small sheet on first aid.

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  1. The cuts book looks ridiculouslt complicated – but wonderful! And congratulations on its being taken on a round-the-world-trip!

  2. The cuts book looks ridiculously complex (in structure and construction) – but wonderful! Congratulations on its being accepted to go off on a world tour!

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