Mouse Trouble

I discovered that I had resident mice happily living in my studio … right under the noses of the two cats who lie around asleep for most of the time. By the strangest co incidence I had just begun work on a second book about the Llanfair Waterdine mice for their arts festival in June
I quickly caught one mouse in a humane mouse trap and he/she spent the next two days in an empty fish tank while I was able to do some ‘ mouse drawing ‘. After seeing another scuttle past the cat food dish I reset the trap but twenty four hours later one cat had finally grasped the situation and managed to do what cats are supposed to do and caught it.
I have been told that you have to go 2 miles to let a mouse go or it will find the way back. However I let my ‘model ‘ go at the end of the garden to take a chance with predators. There was plenty of evidence behind the cupboards that s/he had been resident for some time so I have replaced the trap and will await developments.