New Media Conversion

I have recently undergone a conversion moment and discovered screen printing. Rather I have discovered I can screen print and I really like the medium. My occasional past attempts have always been frustrating and disappointing so I have by passed the process but this time was different …success at last. I eventually achieved the quality of mark and the scale of imagery that I wanted. It took a lot of mistakes until I felt remotely in control of the technical aspects & registration. Most importantly I discovered I could use the medium in expressive and experimental ways.


The prints shown here are my work in progress exploring personal ways of interpreting the poppy imagery of war & remembrance. Trying to make new work with poppy symbolism that might be even remotely original and personal was a daunting process. However, technique and subject matter worked together. As is so often the case the process combined with chance & accident to become the generator driving ideas.


This weekend at Llanfair Waterdine and at the Grange in Ellesmere the first prints and the artists books made with them will go on show.