Creativity has been much in my thoughts. What drives it? Why does it dry up?  How to rekindle it? My answer to myself is to stop procrastinating, stop doing other things, focus and just start to make some work …. This is where the Art Allotments project helps and instead of just looking at an envelope full of collage scraps  that arrived in my post some days ago  I finally tip it all out and begin to make some collages.  I work fast,  too fast to think… It works. Next I dig out an on going print project that ground to a halt some months back …. The  images are intended eventually for a small artists book … I tidy the etching plates up and print them again in colour. I make some modifications, talk to others and new ideas begin to start emerging from the fog. Hurrah


One thought on “Creativity

  1. For me artist’s block occurs when life becomes so complicated and stressful that it’s hard to focus on any one thing for long enough to get going. What to do? Some people draw – I write lists – but other artists suggest just doing something familiar, that you feel ‘safe’ with, in order to get going. And just working very quickly, without worrying about the outcome…like you did!

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