Mixed Media Prints

Wood and lino  give images a sharp edge but with collagraph it is very hard to show fine detail. Collagraph plates are made from shallow textures glued to a card base. The plate is then printed in a combination of intaglio and relief methods.  The figurative elements become progressively more stylised and abstract while in contrast it is possible to create a wide variety of subtle textures.

The Watcher … Collagraph with Relief and Gold Leaf. From the ‘Dunaire Project’ https://heatherprescott.com/2012/12/05/dunaire/

Observer from DUNAIRE series

Those who Wait …  Collagraph, plastic and wire print. Also from ‘The Dunaire Project’

waiting figures (web)

Pilgrims …  Unique Print Mixed Media & Collage …  This is a Collage of original relief prints from wood, card and plastic. Here I have exploited the ways that different surfaces and papers accept the ink to generate the final design with text added  by hand.


Guardian Angel … Relief, Collagraph,  and chine colle