Angels Exhibition

Still time to see the Angel Festival at St. George’s church in Clun as it is open daily until January 4th Porch AngelsW

My angels are hanging in the entrance porch and there are over 100 more angels inside created by everyone from professional artists to schoolchildren.

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels

3angels brick backgroWeb

Three life sized figurative prints of “angels” are now finished and on their way to Clun in South Shropshire to hang in St George’s church porch.. They are going there to celebrate the Angel Festival taking place all over Christmas beginning next Friday December 12th.
Each Angel was made from 3 floating layers partially stitched together, A background wood and mono print onto fabric, a middle layer of stitched & glued collage and a transparent top layer of painted net.

The Angel Festival was inspired by the 22 Angels carved in wood up in the roof of St Georges church. Amazingly the carvings, survived the reformation possibly because they were hidden by a false ceiling.
Some of the angels appear to have been restored, most likely when there was a major restoration of the church in 1877

clun angelinRoofWebOne of the Angels looking down. The wingspan is approx 1300mm