Mouse Trouble

I discovered that I had resident mice happily living in my studio … right under the noses of the two cats who lie around asleep for most of the time. By the strangest co incidence I had just begun work on a second book about the Llanfair Waterdine mice for their arts festival in June
I quickly caught one mouse in a humane mouse trap and he/she spent the next two days in an empty fish tank while I was able to do some ‘ mouse drawing ‘. After seeing another scuttle past the cat food dish I reset the trap but twenty four hours later one cat had finally grasped the situation and managed to do what cats are supposed to do and caught it.
I have been told that you have to go 2 miles to let a mouse go or it will find the way back. However I let my ‘model ‘ go at the end of the garden to take a chance with predators. There was plenty of evidence behind the cupboards that s/he had been resident for some time so I have replaced the trap and will await developments.

Advice for Artists

 4 New Books

A project I began months ago which has stopped & started repeatedly suddenly accelerated and after some concentrated work finally  came together into  4 small books entitled  “Advice for Artists”. The first digital versions made it to Glasgow with the ink hardly dry. They proved popular and sales were very good. One print from the series is also currently in an Auction for Multiple Sclerosis.

The long term plan is to print a version with original etchings/drypoints and letterpress using the new traditional typography facilities  recently installed in the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham.

What’s Past and What’s Next

Wenlock Poetry Festival was inspirational. Marches Book Arts Group, which I currently help organise,  had a tent outside the  Priory Hall. Poets and poetry lovers came by to look, lots of them.  We shared the space with Deb Alma the  emergency poet who prescribed poems in her ambulance consulting room and Sally Crabtree who sang her poems as well as making edible verse. Poems recited, poems to eat and poems to “take 3 times a day with a cup of tea”

Lots of photos of the event now on  Wenlock Festival Site.

What came Next

While  involved in organising the Artists  books for Wenlock I was also gathering work ready for a trip to Glasgow International Book Arts fair  last weekend.  Glasgow was good in many ways, the central  location in the concert hall at the end of Sauchiehall  street,  the atmosphere, the helpful volunteers & organisers dressed in yellow and  especially the workshops which took place in the same space as the fair and generated lots of interest.

I came home surrounded by my own personal creative hum generated by viewing the diversity of work on show and through the many conversations generously  sharing skills, knowledge of materials & methods. There was wonderful thought provoking work from Julie Johnson of Essence Press,  Jane Hyslop  and Pat Hodson to name only a few personal highlights.